Opening Act

Mike Campese

Mike Campese is a guitar virtuoso that has released 10 solo albums and has played with and opened for several national acts.

Placed 4th

in their group

Thank you from all of us at the Opening Act and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This amazing organization is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected.


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Burgundy Mist - "Full Circle"

Mike Campese - "The Fire Within" (Official Music Video)

Mike Campese - "All Alone" (Official Music Video)

Mike Campese - "Crusin Across the Mojave" - (Official Music Video)

All Alone - (Short Clip)

Feed The Flame - (Short Clip)

The Fire Within - (short Clip)


What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

Being able to express my emotions through music, with composing and releasing albums. Playing live and connecting with the audience. Also, having fun, doing what I love.

Which musician would you like to collaborate with?

There are so many great musicians and I'm so used to doing all the writing. I would be open to it and I'm versatile. There are some I could mention that are not around anymore. But, to name one, It would be fun to collaborate with Ozzy.

If you were the next Opening Act, what would you do with $10,000?

Defiantly, put it to good use! Spend it on more music stuff, computers etc.