Opening Act

Animal Sun

Alternative music lush with addicting progressions, an all around edgy yet soulful vocal style with persistent pop undertones.

Thank you from all of us at Opening Act and the MusiCares Foundation for helping us provide health, financial, and rehabilitation resources to musicians in their time of need.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

Playing in a live atmosphere and connecting with fans on an emotional level. We live for the empathetic connection of hearing how how our songs impact people. When you hear “your song changed my life” there really is no better feeling for us.

Which musician would you like to collaborate with?

Brandon Flowers of The Killers. He truly is one of the best songwriters who influenced my generation as a whole. He’s an incredible live act with songs almost 20 years old that are still relevant today. The Killers really are an arena level success.

If you were the next Opening Act, what would you do with $10,000?

Record more music. Making good production at the top level is expensive and requires a constant source of funding. If given the chance, we would continue creating art with the intention of leaving the word a better place than we found it.